The Future of Mobility podcast features our locomotive project

  • Stargate locomotive retrofit project was featured by the highly esteemed Future of Mobility podcast.
  • Our CTO Rainer Küngas discussed the challenges and opportunities of bringing CO2 emissions in the railway sector down to zero.

The Future of Mobility podcast focuses on the rapidly evolving mobility sector and is hosted by Brandon Bartneck. Our CTO Rainer Küngas was invited to the show to provide more details on our ongoing zero-emission hydrogen locomotive project. Stargate project is featured in episode #86 of the podcast, aired on 23rd January 2022.

The podcast addressed the following topics:

  • The challenge of decarbonizing locomotive applications
  • Rainer’s background in electrolysis
  • Why fuel cells are ideal for shunting locomotives Stargate’s ongoing project to retrofit
  • Stargate’s ongoing project to retrofit 40 diesel locomotives

Listen to the podcast (Apple, Google, Spotify) and read the show notes here.