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Our Story to Green Hydrogen Production

The story of Stargate started in 2021 when the founders understood that in order to effectively combat climate change, electrification is not enough, and we need affordable green hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions in the hard-to-abate sectors such as steelmaking, fertilizer and chemical industries.

We believe that the price of green hydrogen is key for unlocking widespread industrial use and thereby significantly reducing emissions.

In order to make this happen, we understood that we need to increase the efficiency of the electrolysis process and bring down the capital cost of the Green hydrogen production equipment. We do this by developing novel catalyst materials, based on ceramic materials, which we proudly call Stardust.

As a result of this, our technology can achieve high efficiency with very low capital cost and as an additional benefit, our products face no critical raw material availability issues.

Our core team comes from the high-temperature world (SOEC) and has ample experience with ceramic materials, the challenge is making those work in an alkaline environment, which is the most robust and proven form of electrolysis for green hydrogen production.

We are now over two years old, have a world-class team and secured 54+ million euros of financing thanks to our investors and IPCEI status that allows us to execute our vision. We are part of a large industrial group of companies which includes the largest renewables developer in the region.

Green Hydrogen

Affordable green hydrogen is essential to reducing carbon emissions in hard-to-abate sectors such as steelmaking, fertiliser and chemical industries. Stargate’s breakthrough ceramic catalysts will increase the efficiency of the electrolysis process. Our electrolysers will reduce the cost of green hydrogen thanks to high efficiency at low capital cost. We are looking for partners on the journey of building the industry of tomorrow.

Marko Virkebau
CEO of Stargate Hydrogen

Marko Virkebau | CEO of Stargate Hydrogen

Our team has gained prior experience from such companies

Stargate received an Honorary Mention for the Top 25 Hydrogen Company at the European Hydrogen Tech25 list.

Stargate Hydrogen is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Each hydrogen project is different and tailored to match the client’s needs. Contact us for a consultation with one of our engineers today.

    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen | Stargate Hydrogen

    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application | Stargate Hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology | Stargate Hydrogen

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable | Stargate Hydrogen

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable

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