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Stack Integration Guide

Make Informed Decisions to Achieve Optimal Efficiency.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001:2015 Stargate Hydrogen Certification

Electrolyser product portfolio – Gateway Series

A complete list of our electrolyser offering along with technical specifications of Gateway product series.

Stack product Specification Sheet

A complete specification sheet of our stack offering.

Stargate Hydrogen Brochure

An overview of Stargate Hydrogen and its products and services

Electrolyser manufacturers letter to EC_Renewable H2 value chain

Stargate and 20 other leading European electrolyser ecosystem players open letter to the European Commission concerning the development of a European green hydrogen value chain

Whitepaper: Synthetic Natural Gas

Whitepaper on Synthetic Natural Gas: green fuel for today’s engines

Whitepaper: The Future of Ammonia is Green

A whitepaper covering the production and market potential of green ammonia

Hydrogen Documents

Hydrogen Documents section

At Stargate Hydrogen we think of every detail to help your industry to reduce carbon emissions by adopting green hydrogen. That is why we created the Hydrogen Documents section, here you can download all the assets our team created over time, some of them created in partnership with scientists graduated at Taltech.

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Each hydrogen project is different and tailored to match the client’s needs. Contact us for a consultation with one of our engineers today.

    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen | Stargate Hydrogen

    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application | Stargate Hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology | Stargate Hydrogen

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable | Stargate Hydrogen

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable

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