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Hydrogen Partners

At Stargate Hydrogen, we believe that the path to a sustainable and clean energy future is not one that can be walked alone. We have created strong bonds with industry leaders, forward-thinkers, and visionaries through various national and international research and development projects. Meet our Hydrogen Partners:


The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, based in Germany, is the world’s leading applied research organization. By prioritizing key technologies for the future and commercializing its findings in business and industry, it plays a major role in the innovation process. A trailblazer and trendsetter in innovative developments and research excellence, it is helping shape our society and our future. Founded in 1949, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft currently operates 76 institutes and research units throughout Germany. Around 30,800 employees, predominantly scientists and engineers, work with an annual research budget of roughly €3.0 billion, €2.6 billion of which is designated as contract research. 


How we cooperate:

Stargate has established bilateral collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials in Dresden (Fraunhofer IFAM). The institute is conducting independent electrochemical characterization studies of Stargate’s electrode technology. Fraunhofer IFAM also plays a key role in two Clean Hydrogen Partnership projects, both coordinated by Stargate: EXSOTHyC and ENDURE.   

Hydrogen Partners

Tallinn University of Technology

Founded in 1918, TalTech is the sole technological university in Estonia. It is also the most international university in Estonia. TalTech is a research-based university offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in engineering, natural sciences, IT, business and maritime studies. Renewed study programmes that target the needs of the labour market make TalTech graduates the expected experts. 


How we cooperate:

Stargate has a very close collaboration with TalTech, in particular with the Department of Materials and Environmental Technology (Read more here). Stargate material research and electrode development laboratory, as well as cell testing laboratory is located on Taltech campus. This setup offers substantial synergies between Stargate and TalTech R&D activities.   

Stargate's Hydrogen Partners

University of Tartu

The University of Tartu is the oldest and largest higher education institution in Estonia and has been the center of Estonian academic life for almost four centuries. It is ranked in the top 1.2% of the world’s universities, making it one of the leading universities in Northern Europe. Here, 13 000 students and 3000 staff members study and work in a diverse range of fields connected by the power of curiosity. 


How we cooperate:

Stargate is involved in several nationally funded research projects together with the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Tartu, one of our main Hydrogen Partners, focusing on the development of novel materials and high-performance electrodes for next-generation alkaline electrolysers. The University of Tartu scientists have successfully validated Stargate’s approach to developing iridium-free alkaline electrolysers – read more here.  

Stargate's Hydrogen Partners

ENEL Green Power

ENEL Green Power was founded in December 2008 inside the ENEL Group to develop and manage power generated from renewable resources worldwide. Managing more than 1,200 power plants on five continents, they are present with assets in operation or under construction in 21 countries and manage development activities in a further 5 countries. With over 59 GW of installed renewable capacity from a mix of renewable resources, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal. The company plays a key role in the energy transition as one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies. ENEL Green Power’s goal is to accompany the planet into a new era of sustainable, decarbonized energy for all. 


How we cooperate:

Stargate has established collaborations with ENEL Green Power for thorough industrial testing of our stack technology within the IPCEI project. Multiple generations of our 50 kW stacks will be tested in ENEL’s planned Innovation Test Facility. Such joint laboratory facilities will allow us to benchmark our technology to our competitors’ technology in an industrially-relevant setting. ENEL Green Power is also a key partner in a joint Clean Hydrogen Partnership project, ELECTROLIFE, aimed at improving the lifetime of electrolyser stacks. 


Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias, PLOCAN

PLOCAN builds, equips and operates a set of marine infrastructures for research in the field of marine sciences and technologies. PLOCAN’s mission is to provide a cost-effective combination of services, including housing, operations, data and access to the multipurpose offshore platform, observatories and test bed facilities, that address upcoming ocean science challenges and socio-economic needs. 


How we cooperate:

Stargate is partnering with PLOCAN in the EU-funded demonstration project H2HEAT. The project focuses on driving the adoption of renewable energy generation, green hydrogen production, and the decarbonization of hospital facilities across the Canary Islands. In this value chain, Stargate will deliver and install its 1 MW alkaline electrolyser, powered by offshore wind energy, and produce both the green hydrogen and oxygen to be used by the Canary Island Health Service (SCS). The whole project will be implemented by a consortium of eleven international partners under the coordination of PLOCAN one of Stargate’s Hydrogen Partners. 



Stargate's Hydrogen Partners

Why Our Partnerships Matter

Each of our Hydrogen Partners brings a unique perspective, expertise, and resources to the table, enriching our capabilities and amplifying our impact. Whether it’s cutting-edge technology, groundbreaking research, or global reach, our partnerships empower us to make a difference on a scale that would be unattainable on our own.

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    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen | Stargate Hydrogen

    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application | Stargate Hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology | Stargate Hydrogen

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable | Stargate Hydrogen

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable

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