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Next generation alkaline electrolysers

Thanks to Stardust electrode materials our alkaline electrolysers enable lowest levelized cost of hydrogen.

Stargate electrolysers are highly suitable for a wide range of applications.

Group 3


Group 5

Green ammonia

Group 4

Green steel

Group 6

Synthetic natural gas



Our electrolysers use cutting-edge alkaline technology that can provide hydrogen at high pressure, helping to save energy and costs. Free of precious metals like iridium and ruthenium, this technology is inherently scalable.

We provide our electrolysers at highly competitive prices for the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen.

Typical operating parameters of Stargate electrolysers


Hydrogen purity

30 bar

Output pressure

4.28 kWh/Nm3

Power consumption

1 MW

Module size

Small-scale systems

Gateway electrolysers are containerised turn-key green hydrogen production systems using alkaline technology. Each 40ft container consumes 1 MW of electricity and produces 200 Nm3/h of hydrogen, pressurised to 30 bar as output. The systems can be ordered with a 12-month lead time and come with an industry-leading performance guarantee.


Electrolyser stacks for system integrators

Our pressurised alkaline stacks are available with a 6-month lead time and come with a 10-year warranty. We offer three configurations: Max Efficiency (for high load factor and/or expensive electricity), Balanced, and Max Power (for low load factor and/or cheap electricity).

Contact us for the product sheet.

Large-scale systems

Starbase electrolysers are large-scale skid-mounted systems built around our 5 MW pressurised alkaline stacks. The Starbase series will be launched in March 2023.

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