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Alkaline electrolyser stacks

For system integrators

Our innovative next generation alkaline electrolyser stacks are essential in accelerating the decarbonization of challenging industries like steelmaking, fertilizers, and chemicals by greatly lowering the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen, which is critical in addressing the emissions of major CO2 polluters.

Alkaline electrolyser stacks for
system integrators

  • From 20 to 100 Nm3/h

  • Performance guarantee

  • Engineering support

  • Innovative in-house design

Our pressurised alkaline electrolyser stacks are available with a 6-month lead time and come with performance guarantee. The stacks have a proven track record of long operational lifespans, which makes them a reliable choice for continuous hydrogen production.

This durability minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, contributing to the economic feasibility of green hydrogen. The technology has been validated by several institutions including the Fraunhofer.

The stacks come in a wide range of sizes, operate at 32 bar and are customisable for the best product-market fit (Max Efficiency, Balanced, Max Power). We provide engineering support to help you get started.

Alkaline Electrolyser Stacks
Alkaline Electrolyser Stacks Made in Europe Logo | Stargate Hydrogen

Stargate delivers electrolysis stacks to:


Rockfin is a system integrator who will build green hydrogen production systems based on Stargate’s pressurised alkaline stacks.

Michał Wróblewski, Rockfin CEO – “The passion for electrolyser stack technology and the determination of the Stargate Team has been crucial to achieve this major milestone. We strongly believe in the long-term potential of hydrogen as a clean energy solution.”


Milani provides engineering, installation and maintenance of electrical and ELV systems, with customised solutions.

Paola Quadri – Tech BU Manager – “We aspire to lead the way in hydrogen technology within Italy and extend our solutions to clients across Europe. With Stargate Hydrogen by our side, we envision a collaborative future and are resolute in our commitment to nurturing a robust and enduring partnership.”


*Stargate stacks have also been delivered to other non-disclosed partners.

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New product soon to be available:

Starbase Electrolysers Logo | Stargate Hydrogen

Starbase Electrolysers Stack

The Starbase Electrolyser Stack is not yet available for the market, it is still under development and will be launched soon.

Starbase electrolysers are large-scale skid-mounted systems built around our 10 MW pressurised alkaline stacks.

With a larger stack the Starbase Electrolyser series has a superior capacity therefore it is Ideal for large-scale projects.



  • Large-scale systems

  • 10 – 100+ MW

  • Based on a 10 MW stack

  • Skid-mounted modular units


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