Kick-off event of the new green hydrogen project in Gran Canaria funded by the European Union.  

Stargate’s Hydrogen Grant Manager MariSavel visited the kick-off event of the new green hydrogen project funded by the European Union in Gran Canaria.  

The project team was welcomed by Esther Monzón, Regional Minister of Health who understands the importance of such initiatives to bring the island towards a #greenfuture. 

The project, coordinated by the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN), will receive € 10.7M for demonstrating the full value chain of green hydrogen. The project will utilize renewable energy from a 6 MW offshore wind facility to produce green hydrogen using a marinized high-efficiency electrolysis unit. 

 A 1 MW Gateway series electrolyser from Stargate will be installed in the onshore hydrogen production plant at the PLOCAN site on Gran Canaria. The generated green hydrogen and oxygen will be used at the local hospital complex. The production of green hydrogen in maritime environments is still in its technological infancy, with only a handful of demonstration projects ongoing in Europe. Read more about the project here. 

The event brought all the parties involved together; the amazing project partners are: 

  1. PLOCAN: Pioneering Marine Research and Technology 
  1. StarGate: Empowering Green Hydrogen and Beyond. 
  1. 2G Solutions AG: Powering Decentralised Energy Generation 
  1. EMEC: Pioneering Marine Energy and Green Hydrogen 
  1. ICoRSA: Elevating Research and Innovation Collaboration 
  1. ESTEYCO: Elevating Wind Energy Possibilities 
  1. NeoDyne Ltd.: Shaping Electrical and Automation Excellence 
  1. CMC: Nurturing Marine Maritime Sector Advancement 
  1. SCS Canary Health Service: Aiming for Ecological Transformation 
  1. GobCan (Accisi): Orchestrating the Blue Economy Strategy 
  1. SPLP Lviv Polytechnic National University: Advancing Tangible Technological Solutions 

Read more about the project: here. 

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Green hydrogen project in Gran Canaria

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