Stargate Earns an Honorary Mention for the Top 25 Hydrogen Company at the European Hydrogen Tech25 list.

Brussels, 23/11/2023 – Stargate Hydrogen, proudly announces its inclusion as an Honorary Mention in the European Hydrogen Tech25 List, recognizing the company among the top 25 listed hydrogen companies.

The announcement was made during the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels, by the organizers: Tech Tour and Hydrogen Europe. Besides the nominations, the event showcased innovative advancements and groundbreaking presentations in the field of hydrogen technology. 

About the European Hydrogen Tech25

It is a gathering of industry visionaries and experts, who witnessed Stargate making a significant mark with presentations that captivated the Onsite Investor Expert Jury members. The recognition affirms Stargate's commitment to pioneering clean energy solutions and showcases its contributions to the transformative potential of hydrogen technology. 

"The European Hydrogen Tech25 event has been an exceptional platform for us to highlight our dedication to advancing hydrogen technology," said Marko Virkebau, CEO at Stargate. "Being listed among the top 25 hydrogen companies is a testament to our relentless pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. We are honored and inspired to be part of this prestigious cohort." 

The event was more than a showcase of technological advancements; it was full of insights, discussions, and great networking opportunities. Presentations from various hydrogen companies showcased novel approaches in sustainable production methods, innovative applications, and the promising future of hydrogen as a clean energy source. 

Key highlights of the event included extensive networking sessions, enabling Stargate Hydrogen and other participants to connect with industry leaders, experts, and professionals sharing a common goal of fostering sustainability and innovation in the hydrogen sector. 

About Tech Tour, founded over 25 years ago with the mission of nurturing connections between investors and European companies, has grown into the largest tech entrepreneurship and investment community in Europe.  Stargate's recognition among the top 25 hydrogen companies at the European Hydrogen Tech25 event underscores its dedication to pushing the boundaries of clean energy innovation. The company remains committed to advancing hydrogen technology, working towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

European Hydrogen Tech25