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Electrolysis internships

Wondering what the green hydrogen technology is all about, or what it’s like to work in an international and multicultural deep tech industry? Come and find out!

Stargate offers internship possibilities for STEM students in various hydrogen, electrolysis, engineering and industrial topics.

If you want to put your problem-solving skills to the test, build your confidence and shape the green energy industry, then please– share your motivation, interests and enthusiasm with us!


Why to apply for an internship programme?

  • Gain invaluable practical work experience already during your studies
  • Learn from experienced professionals
  • You will have a personal mentor who supports you with onboarding and guides you throughout the programme
  • Opportunity to find an interesting topic for your thesis
  • Paid internship
  • Opportunity to get a future job at Stargate
  • Both, local and international students are welcome
  • Flexible internship arrangements
  • You will be part of the team – just as everyone!

“An internship at Stargate Hydrogen has given a significant boost to my career. The colleagues I had the opportunity to work with were not only specialists in their field but great teachers as well. They skilfully steered me toward improvement while I always felt supported and appreciated. I widened my knowledge base and skill levels and saw what a deep-tech company with a great work atmosphere looks like.

At the end of the day, I loved that I could work on the topic that are important to me and which can have a significant impact on how our world looks like tomorrow.”

Lab Technician, previously an intern at Stargate

Alise-Valentine | Lab Technician, previously an intern at Stargate Hydrogen


Education is the key to innovation and success.

We value our close cooperation with academia and it’s our duty to support young bright minds in their academic journey. For that, Stargate has established a Rising Star scholarship for STEM students.

Green hydrogen is the central component of the modern energy economy. With a myriad of applications, green hydrogen can decarbonise sectors from transport to industry. Stargate Hydrogen aims to be one of the key players in building the hydrogen economy in Europe and worldwide. 

In addition to offering novel solutions, Stargate Hydrogen also supports the educational path of young hydrogen enthusiasts, such as myself. The Stargate Hydrogen internship provided me with valuable first-hand experience in the R&D of hydrogen technology and delivering it to customers. The Rising Star stipend has supported my Bachelor studies in chemistry, the promotion of hydrogen, and helped to reach my future goals in the field

Paul Erik
Rising Star scholarship recipient, summer intern

Paul Erik | Rising Star scholarship recipient, summer intern at Stargate Hydrogen

These initiatives were founded to give back to the community that creates and defines our future. For more information, please send us your contact and let’s get acquainted!

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