Jan Gustav Grolig becomes Stargate Hydrogen Solutions’ new Chief Operating Officer

  • Stargate Hydrogen has appointed Jan Gustav Grolig as the new COO of its hydrogen solutions subsidiary business
  • Jan will oversee the development and scale-up of Stargate’s electrolyzer technology to accelerate green hydrogen production
  • Jan anticipates a growing need for more efficient hydrogen solutions as demand for more alternative energy sources increases

Stargate Hydrogen has appointed Jan as Chief Operating Officer of its Hydrogen Solutions subsidiary. Jan brings experience in managing fuel cell-based systems through his previous role as Hexis AG’s Head of Technology and Innovation.

Jan joins Stargate Hydrogen Solutions at a point of considerable growth for the company. Stargate Hydrogen is in the process of developing a unique electrolyzer using ceramic materials as an active third class of materials. This will make the company’s technology available at a low-cost while being highly efficient and achieving high current densities.

Prior to Hexis, Jan held other positions as R&D Engineer and Team Leader of Materials and Stack Development. He also worked at Wrede Technologies GmbH as a Materials Process Engineer.

Commenting on his appointment, Jan Gustav Grolig said:

“Governmental organizations are finally recognizing the green hydrogen’s potential to be a game-changing source of clean energy. Stargate’s development of new electrolyzer systems is crucial to the widespread adaptation of green hydrogen as an alternative energy source and will close the gap in cost parity that currently exists with other hydrogen sources. Stargate’s future looks bright and I am eager to begin working with a team that is ahead of the curve in working to make green hydrogen a commercial reality.”