Stargate Hydrogen to unveil their new alkaline stack for green hydrogen production during the World Hydrogen Summit 2024 in Rotterdam. 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 17/04/2024 – Stargate Hydrogen, a company specialised in the manufacturing of electrolysers for green hydrogen production, announces the official launch of their new Alkaline Electrolysis Stack during the World Hydrogen Summit from 13th to 15th May 2024 in Rotterdam. 

The Stack for Green Hydrogen Production

Green hydrogen, or hydrogen produced from water via renewable electricity, is an effective way to drastically cut industrial CO2 emissions in processes which until now relied on fossil fuels.  

An electrolysis stack is the heart of a system for green hydrogen production, and the properties of the stack often determine the key metrics, such as the efficiency and production rate of such a system.  

The electrolysis stack, named Stellar 100, is manufactured in Europe and has a green hydrogen production capacity of up to 100Nm3/h, which means that every hour it produces enough energy to power a car for 1000 kilometres. 

Designed to fit in pairs to a standard maritime container, the stack can be configured to meet specific customer needs. Its patented design was developed by Stargate in cooperation with the leading European suppliers and tested by the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), a renowned German research institute. 

Thomas Ottitsch, Manager of the Electrolysis test field (ElyLab) at ZSW commented: “It was a pleasure working together with Stargate Hydrogen’s team to test their alkaline electrolyser stack technology at our test facility „ElyLab“ in Stuttgart. Our independence and scientific approach ensures that the results obtained in these tests can be compared to other tests with high confidence. We measured the average cell voltage in the stack to be lower than 1.85V (at 0.5 A/cm², 15 barg, 70°C), corresponding to a stack-level efficiency of 80% (HHV).” 

The results put Stargate Hydrogen among the most efficient electrolyser stacks for green hydrogen production available on the market. The stack performance was intentionally independently validated by a third-party institution to ensure that the product meets its specifications. 

Jan Grolig, the Stargate Hydrogen COO said:  – “Launching Stellar 100 is a major milestone for Stargate, we ceased a unique opportunity to develop a new alkaline stack generation considering best practices and avoiding known issues in current alkaline stack design. What makes me most proud was the collective team effort which has made this possible.” 

The new product is available to the market and Stargate is starting with Stellar 100 deliveries in the summer, with the first two stacks earmarked for a 1 MW pilot project in Estonia, followed by a 1 MW delivery to a project in Germany 

About ZSW

The Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) is one of the leading energy research institutes in Europe. Within hydrogen technologies, ZSW specialises in advanced electrolysis processes and PEM fuel cells. Its expertise ranges from modelling to the development of advanced manufacturing processes as well as demonstration and test systems.  

About the World Hydrogen Summit

World Hydrogen 2024 Summit & Exhibition is the largest global hydrogen event. It gathers government representatives and private sector leaders to showcase, connect, discuss, collaborate, and do business, driving the hydrogen industry forward.