Stargate took part of the official business delegation to Norway together with Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas

  • Innovative cleantech companies from Estonia and Norway were represented at this high-level business meeting and seminar. Stargate took the most of this opportunity by meeting several existing and new potential partners.

Norway is well positioned to lead industry decarbonisation with the help of green hydrogen. Norway's cheap and clean electricity together with strong public support are enabling industry to invest in new solutions. The time is right for hydrogen in Norway as the sector is receiving significant investments from existing and new industrial players.

It was a great opportunity to meet potential partners in Norway's promising hydrogen sector, both in industrial and transport sectors. A vision is emerging of a renewable-powered industry, the products of which are moved over the land and sea using green hydrogen.

Stargate took the opportunity also to visit the landmark maritime conference Nor Shipping on 5 April to make contacts in the shipping industry. The shipping industry is realising the need for clean solutions. Hydrogen will likely play a role in clean shipping in the future, either directly as a fuel for smaller vessels or as ammonia in deep sea shipping. This is certainly a sector to keep an eye on!

We are thankful to Enterprise Estonia for having organised the visit. Especial thanks also to The Norwegion Hydrogen Cluster for their friendly welcome.

We hope to return very soon and pick up on contributing to the vision of a carbon-free Norway.