Stargate is seeking partners for large European hydrogen projects

The European Union is presently in the process of identifying Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI): large projects that will help jumpstart the hydrogen economy in the EU. A project proposal submitted by Stargate Hydrogen has been short-listed by Enterprise Estonia.

Large quantities of green hydrogen are needed to reach EU climate goals. Hydrogen is particularly important in order to reduce the CO2 footprint of hard-to-decarbonize industries: steelmaking, cement production, the chemical industry, and heavy transport (trains, ships, planes). Today, only a small fraction of hydrogen produced in the EU can be called green, i.e. produced by combining electrolysis with low-carbon energy sources, such as renewables. The ongoing IPCEI call addresses this issue, aiming to establish a strong European supply and demand for green hydrogen.

A project proposal submitted by Stargate Hydrogen was selected from a total of 21 Estonian projects and will now proceed to the match-making phase of the IPCEI process, along with nine other Estonian projects. The project, if funded, would help to increase the efficiency and decrease the cost of alkaline electrolysis technology. The project also envisions a first-of-its-kind electrolyzer factory employing Industry 4.0 tools to be constructed in Estonia. Stargate is actively searching for academic partners and industrial players spanning the entire hydrogen value chain (hydrogen production, distribution, and use) to build a strong IPCEI consortium. We are interested in serving as partners in your project, regardless of whether it is an IPCEI project or not! For more information, please contact us at .