Hydrogen Industry Letter to President Von der Leyen – United Front by European Electrolyser Manufacturers to Bolster Europe’s Hydrogen Industry. 

In a collective effort to bolster Europe’s hydrogen industry and mitigate the influx of low-cost Chinese imports, 20 prominent electrolyser manufacturers, including Stargate Hydrogen, have united. These companies have jointly addressed a letter to the prospective European Commission President, Ursula Von der Leyen (click to read the letter), advocating for a fair competitive environment and the implementation of “made in Europe” standards within the industry. 

As highlighted by recent reports from Financial Times and Reuters, this coalition stresses the need for fair conditions that support European technology and manufacturing. 

Stargate’s Hydrogen CEO, Marko Virkebau said:  “I’m confident that this letter is a decisive step toward establishing a fair competition environment for Europe's hydrogen industry. At Stargate Hydrogen, we will continue to advocate for high-quality European-made electrolysers, ensuring our region remains at the forefront of technological and sustainable progress." 

The letter underscores a significant concern: Chinese state-backed subsidies are creating an uneven competitive landscape, disadvantaging European manufacturers. This issue gains prominence amidst the EU’s increasingly stringent trade policies with China. 

The importance of bolstering Europe’s Hydrogen Industry

The drive for resilience criteria is designed to fortify Europe’s value chain and elevate its standing in renewable hydrogen production. Renewable hydrogen is essential for curbing emissions from heavy industries and transport sectors. The EU's goal is to produce 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen domestically and import an additional 10 million tons by 2030, as part of its strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

To align with the EU’s hydrogen bank’s upcoming funding, the European hydrogen industry manufacturers advocate for critical components of electrolyser production—such as cell assembly, cell stacking, and surface treatment—to be sourced from Europe. This comes in response to findings from the EU hydrogen bank pilot auction, which revealed that fewer than half of the selected projects intended to utilise European technology. 

Stargate Hydrogen and its peers are optimistic that their initiative will lead to regulations favouring the growth of a robust European renewable hydrogen industry, enhancing their competitiveness against Chinese imports. 

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