The Future of Alkaline Water Electrolysis: Insights from Ronald Väli at the 6th Industry Workshop 

The future of sustainable energy production is evolving rapidly, and the key to harnessing clean, efficient energy lies in advancements in alkaline water electrolysis. In this blog post, we will explore the experiences and insights of Ronald Väli, the Head of Cell & Stack Testing at Stargate Hydrogen, as he attended the 6th Industry Workshop Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis, which took place on October 19-20, 2023.  

This workshop provided a platform for industry leaders to learn about the latest developments in key components of alkaline water electrolysis technology. Ronald’s presence at this event allowed him to connect with both existing and potential future partners, furthering Stargate Hydrogen's contributions to the green energy revolution. 

The 6th Industry Workshop: A Glimpse into the Future 

The 6th Industry Workshop Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis is an annual gathering of experts and innovators dedicated to advancing the field of alkaline water electrolysis. It serves as a hub for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and the latest technological breakthroughs in this vital sector of the green energy landscape. 

Ronald Väli's Role at Stargate Hydrogen 

As the Head of Cell & Stack Testing at Stargate Hydrogen, Ronald Väli is at the forefront of their efforts to improve alkaline water electrolysis technology. His attendance at the workshop highlighted Stargate Hydrogen's commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the industry and their determination to contribute to the transition to clean energy solutions. 

In Ronald’s words: "I had the pleasure to attend the 6th Industry Workshop Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis at Fraunhofer institute IFAM in Dresden, Germany. This small workshop limited to 100 in-person attendees and invited presentations with plenty of time allocated for networking proved to be very insightful. Presentations ranged from component suppliers to system developers with a healthy dose of academic research into fundamental issues. I was happy to meet many of the industry players in person and had a chance to connect with our existing partners." 

About Stargate Hydrogen's Contribution 

Notably, during last year's event, Stargate Hydrogen's Chief Technology Officer, Rainer Küngas, presented the company's IPCEI project. The Innovative Productive Clean Energy Initiative (IPCEI) project showcases the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of clean energy technology and their involvement in large-scale collaborative efforts. 


The 6th Industry Workshop Advanced Alkaline Electrolysis offered a window into the future of sustainable energy production, with Ronald Väli's presence emphasizing Stargate Hydrogen's commitment to driving innovation and advancing the field. The knowledge gained from this workshop will undoubtedly contribute to the development of cleaner, more efficient energy solutions, ultimately benefiting us all as we work towards a more sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates from Stargate Hydrogen as they continue their journey tow