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Milani Case Study – A successful electrolyser stack integration

In this section you will get a glimpse of a real-world case study featuring Milani. Here we will showcase the successful integration story, learn from their experiences, challenges faced and final results.

About Milani

Founded in 1964 as a family company, Milani S.p.A. rapidly broaden its activities realizing important projects and transforming the company from a family business into an industrial enterprise, able to equally deal with little private clients and big industrial ones.  Located in Osnago, Milani S.p.A. has 800 sqm of office spaces and a warehouse of 2000 sqm, other than being equipped with a photovoltaic system. 



Milani has got a sound division involved in skid manufacturing for chemical, oil&gas and pharma industry, with particular expertise in dealing with the generation and purification of technical gases and it is approaching the green H2 market sector through the production of electrolysers utilizing Stargate’s Stack and combining it with advanced system of energy storage and H2 reconversion into electric and thermal energy. An operative unit installed in Milani’s HQ has been kicked off in the 2nd half of 2023 and has been started up in Spring 2024, leverages excess energy from photovoltaics to venture into green hydrogen production utilizing Stargate’s alkaline stack. 



Milani‘s project target consists in demonstrating the capabilities of Hydrogen in the building sector, having a full-scale unit that will contribute to decarbonize the operation of big buildings.  

Why Stargate

Milani explored multiple stack suppliers and found in Stargate the ideal partner.  Stargate’s pressurized alkaline stack stood out for its excellent compatibility and consistent support from the initial meeting through integration.  


Paola Quadri – Tech BU Manager commented – “We aspire to lead the way in hydrogen technology within Italy and extend our solutions to clients across Europe. With Stargate Hydrogen by our side, we envision a collaborative future and are resolute in our commitment to nurturing a robust and enduring partnership.” 

The Outcome

The project is installed in Osnago (Milan Area) in Italy and will be visited by many primary Italian and international companies and will be presented at the main H2 and Energy exhibitions in Italy.  The product will be sold in a similar scale to manage the energy production in building and industrial applications and will be scaled-up to provide a valid and efficient solution for H2 valleys. 


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    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen | Stargate Hydrogen

    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application | Stargate Hydrogen

    Tailored solutions to match any application

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology | Stargate Hydrogen

    Reliable, industrially-proven technology

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable | Stargate Hydrogen

    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable

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