Next generation alkaline electrolyser stacks for lowest levelized cost of hydrogen

  • Customizable – three configurations (Max Efficiency, Balanced, Max Power) for best product-market fit
  • Reliable technology – proven stack design, no critical raw materials
  • Engineering knowhow – integration support, HAZOP study, PFD review
  • Fast delivery – 6-months lead time
  • Innovative in-house design

Our pressurised alkaline electrolyser stacks are available with a 6-month lead time and come with performance guarantee. The stack has a proven track record of long operational lifespans, which makes them a reliable choice for continuous hydrogen production. This durability minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, contributing to the economic feasibility of green hydrogen. The technology has been validated by several institutions including the Fraunhofer Society.

The stacks come in a wide range of sizes, operate at 32 bar and are customisable for the best product-market fit (Max Efficiency, Balanced, Max Power). We provide engineering support to help you get started.

Alkaline Electrolyser Stacks

Performance Specifications

Electrolyser stacks graph