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Next generation alkaline hydrogen electrolyser

With 2-year warranty and available with 12-month lead time

  • Modular turn-key systems

  • Alkaline Hydrogen Electrolyser with 1 – 10 MW

  • Leading warranty on the market

  • Dynamic operation for RES

Gateway alkaline hydrogen electrolysers are containerised turn-key green hydrogen production systems, that have a proven track record of long operational lifespans, which makes them a reliable choice for continuous hydrogen production. This durability minimizes downtime and maintenance costs, contributing to the economic feasibility of green hydrogen. The exclusive Stargate Hydrogen’s technology has been validated by several institutions including the Fraunhofer

Each 40ft container consumes 1 MW of electricity and produces 200 Nm3/h of hydrogen, pressurised to 30 bar as output. The systems can be ordered with a 12-month lead time and come with an industry-leading performance guarantee. The electrolyser is highly suitable for a wide range of applications such as chemical feedstock, process heat, blending, transport fuel and energy storage.

Alkaline Electrolyser

Containerised turn-key system diagram


Alkaline hydrogen electrolyser for lowest levelised cost of hydrogen

Product Spec Sheet

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