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Zero-emission locomotives

Stargate helps rail companies reduce cost and emissions by offering zero-emission locomotives. Our modular retrofit kit is used for converting diesel-electric units into zero-emission locomotives. We offer complete solutions including both locomotives as well as recharging and refuelling solutions.


Battery-only locomotives are the best choice for highly regular duty cycles with sufficient idle time for charging, such as overnight.


Hydrogen locomotives are the best choice for demanding duty cycles, such as continuous operation with little time for refuelling.

Tailored to your needs

Each zero-emission locomotive is unique. We design the optimal solution based on your locomotive model and how it’s being used.

Zero-emission locomotives. Why?

To meet climate goals in the most cost-effective way.

Electrification can decarbonise the rail sector, though it is capital intensive – costing as much as €2-3 million per every kilometre of track – and therefore justified only on lines with very frequent use. For less frequently used lines operators of freight locomotives can go wireless by converting old diesel-electric locomotives to battery or hydrogen electric.

Wireless electrification with batteries and fuel cells is less capital intensive and provides a lover total cost of ownership than diesel locomotives.


Why retrofit?

The locomotive fleet is aging. Old diesel locomotives risk ending up as stranded assets if they don’t meet future emission standards.

Stargate converts existing diesel-electric locomotives onto battery and hydrogen powertrains, thereby saving cost and emissions.

Read more about the technical specifications of Stargate C30-H locomotive.


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Each hydrogen project is different and tailored to match client’s needs. Contact us for a consultation with one of our engineers today.


    Eliminate CO2 emissions by switching to green hydrogen


    Tailored solutions to match any application

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    Reliable, industrially-proven technology

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    Cost-effective, versatile, and scalable

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