Fuel cell locomotives


Electrification would help to decarbonize the sector, but:

  • In the EU, only ~60% of track is electrified, while this figure is significantly lower in Eastern European countries.
  • Electrification via catenary lines is also highly capital intensive.


Wireless electrification with batteries and fuel cells:

  • Space constraints onboard limit the range of battery-only solutions.
  • Fuel cells can help extend the operating range and increase maximum traction power.
  • A combination of fuel cells and batteries provides optimal range at an attractive total cost of ownership.

We provide world-class technical expertise for compact and efficient hydrogen powertrains, enabling modular and scalable freight locomotive retrofit solutions combined with hydrogen refueling infrastructure.

Overall percentage of electrified railway network in selected EU countries as of 2019



Stargate to deliver hydrogen locomotives to
international rail company Operail

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Stargate C30-H (Hydrogen)

Stargate C30-H (Hydrogen)

Read more about the technical specifications of Stargate C30-H locomotive

Technical specifications of C30-H rongid rongid_mobile

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